Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bonnets from Grammie (Rosie)

New pictures of Lexi that I took today. My mother in law, Grammie Rosie, sent us a couple of bonnets for her. The 2nd one is a little big, but I think it's cute so I had to take some pictures anyway. She was pretty cooperative until the end, as you can see. A couple of the pictures turned out blurry, but I thought they were cute so I went ahead and posted them. Sorry there are so many, but I couldn't just choose a couple. :-) Dominic is at Nana's, Sharon's, tonight, so no new pictures of him unless she takes some and posts them or sends them to me. (Hint Hint) Tomorrow is his picture day at school, and tomorrow is also Daddy's (Rob's) birthday!! Well that's it for now, hope to hear from you all soon!

1 comment:

Roger and Glory said...

yeah, so much for putting up with the bonnet for long. Looks like it eventually ticked her off.