Monday, November 3, 2008

My big little boy

When Dominic got home from school, Helen had picked me up some batteries as I dressed Lexi really cute today and wanted to get some pics, but couldn't as my camera was dead. Dominic came up and said "mommy after you take Lexi's picture, will you please take mine" so I did. They didn't turn out the greatest, as he didn't want to sit still very long... but I figured I would share nonetheles. The one of him smiling was the cutest but it turned out blurry of course. I HATE my camera!!!!! The only time they turn out decent is when I use my flash! Hmm maybe a better camera can be on my Christmas list! lol

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Sharon said...

He wanted his picture taken huh? Doesn't happen here but then I haven't had Lexi here much to take her pictures yet. Glad he sat still for you for a little while.