Monday, November 3, 2008

Treats not Tricks

Saturday, Helen, Kevin and I took 4 of the younger kids trick or treating. We went to a trunk or treat in Derby, the trunk or treat at don hattan in Park City, and we went to Treats not Tricks on Rock Road. Well at Treats not Tricks, they had baskets sat out that you could fill out your information and be entered into a raffle for one of the 8 or so baskets. I was carrying Lexi so I elected not to stop, as she was getting heavy by that point... Helen said that she would go back and fill out the raffles for Kevin, her and myself. Well this morning while I was still sleeping Rob got a call from the church. (I had forgotten to let him know I entered the raffle.) I had won a basket!!!! I was in total shock as there were literally hundreds of people at the Treats not Tricks, as it has became very popular in the passed few years. Below are pictures of my basket. There is pop, popcorn, hot chocolate mix, some theatre style candy, and lots more. The best part though was 4 tickets to the warren!!!! That's where we are going for my birthday as I want to see "Changeling" so it was great that we now have free tickets!!! YIPPEE!!

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Sharon said...

WOW!!! Congratulations! I never win anything! You always do.... but what were the odds this time. Very good! Enoy the show.